Team Championships

A rundown of team champions by year.


YEAR 5A 4A 3A 2A
2018 Grand Junction Windsor Alamosa Wray
2017 Pomona Pueblo County Valley Rocky Ford
2016 Pomona Pueblo County Valley Meeker
2015 Arvada West Thompson Valley Valley Rocky Ford
2014 Arvada West Broomfield Valley Paonia
2013 Pomona Broomfield Alamosa Paonia
2012 Pine Creek Windsor Alamosa Paonia
2011 Coronado Windsor Alamosa Burlington
2010 Ponderosa Broomfield Centauri Burlington
2009 Ponderosa Broomfield Centauri Paonia
2008 Ponderosa Northridge Roosevelt Grand Valley
2007 Ponderosa Alamosa Brush Dove Creek
2006 Ponderosa Alamosa Monte Vista Paonia
2005 Ponderosa Pueblo South Olathe Meeker
2004 Ponderosa Pueblo South Hotchkiss Meeker
2003 Ponderosa Moffat County Roosevelt Meeker
2002 Standley Lake Moffat County Burlington Wiggins
2001 Pomona Moffat County Middle Park Wiggins
2000 Pomona Canon City Hotchkiss Wiggins
1999 Centaurus Alamosa Roosevelt Wiggins
1998 Ponderosa Alamosa Monte Vista Crowley County
1997 Ponderosa Pueblo South Monte Vista Crowley County
1996 Centaurus Grand Junction Central La Junta Wiggins
1995 Centaurus Alamosa Meeker Soroco
1994 Grand Junction Moffat County Meeker Wiggins


YEAR 6A 5A 4A 3A 2A
1993 Brighton Pueblo Central Lamar Platte Valley Dolores
1992 Arvada West Centaurus Alamosa Eagle Valley

Platte Valley

1991 Cherry Creek Brighton Montrose Weld Central Fowler


1990 Brighton Rocky Ford Alamosa
1989 Bear Creek Rocky Ford Centauri
1988 Arvada West Alamosa Centauri
1987 Brighton Fort Lupton Roosevelt
1986 Brighton Fort Lupton Brush
1985 Moffat County Rocky Ford Monte Vista
1984 Brighton Rocky Ford Wray
1983 Aurora Central Rocky Ford Hotchkiss
1982 Fruita Monument Rocky Ford Roosevelt
1981 Fort Morgan Fort Lupton Holly
1980 Fort Morgan Rocky Ford Holly
1979 Montrose Meeker Holly
1978 Grand Junction Central Rocky Ford Holly
1977 Adams City Rocky Ford Holly
1976 Ranum Rocky Ford Soroco
1975 Montrose Wray Holly
1974 Wasson Burlington Stratton
1973 Fort Morgan Burlington Wray
1972 Fort Morgan Wray Holly
1971 Fort Morgan Wray Holly
1970 Fort Morgan Wray Holly
1969 Fort Morgan Wray Holly
1968 Grand Junction Steamboat Springs
1967 Grand Junction Steamboat Springs
1966 Adams City Hotchkiss
1965 Grand Junction Wray
1964 Fruita Monument Gunnison
1963 Grand Junction Steamboat Springs
1962 Montrose Olathe
1961 Montrose Wray
1960 Montrose Wray
1959 Montrose Steamboat Springs
1958 Grand Junction Steamboat Springs
1957 Montrose Wray
1956 Montrose
1955 Englewood
1954 Montrose
1953 Colorado Springs
1952 Fort Collins
1951 Fort Collins
1950 Montrose
1949 Denver North
1948 Denver North
1947 Denver North
1946 Denver North
1945 Denver North
1944 Denver North
1943 Denver West
1942 Grand Junction
1941 Denver North
1940 Denver North
1939 Denver North
1938 Grand Junction
1937 Denver East
1936 Greeley


Kevin Shaffer
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