“Unmatched: Prep Wrestling’s Epic Chronicle” now available

Unmatched: Prep Wrestling's Epic Chronicle is now available on Amazon

It’s a story unlike any other in Colorado prep sports history.

The story of Tom Clum and Brett Roller, linked by a common love for the sport of wrestling and one wild, unforgettable, historic night at Pepsi Center.

Those in the Colorado prep wrestling circles know the tale well. But “Unmatched: Prep Wrestling’s Epic Chronicle,” a new book written by wrestling fan Brady Buck, tells it in a way that is fresh, imaginative, and gripping.

Buck transports readers back to the moment that changed both Roller and Clums’ lives forever, but he also does so much more. This isn’t just a story about one, six-minute wrestling match. It’s a story about so much more.

It’s about triumph and heartbreak, sacrifice and dedication. It’s about reaching the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows — and in both instances figuring out how to answer the question, “What now?”

The book spans more than 200 pages and digs into the background of what made Clum and Roller so different and so similar, and how their paths differed in the aftermath of that fateful match.

“In my mind, it’s by far the single most iconic story in Colorado wrestling history,” Buck said. “I felt strongly that its details needed to be preserved in book form so that future generations can consume the story.

“It’s an unforgettable wrestling story, but its true beauty lies in the fact that it is so incredibly analogous to life.”

Every wrestler, fan, and aspiring young athlete should definitely read this book (though, parental discretion should be advised for some colorful language — it is a story about wrestling, after all).

Buck’s new book is available now on Amazon (link here) or at unmatchedthebook.com.

Nick Jurney
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