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The mats are rolled out.

The sweatpants are tucked securely into the socks.

The spotlight is beaming down onto the center of the squared circle.

It’s go-time, wrestling fans.

Welcome to the Colorado Wrestling Network, a proud affiliate of the Colorado Preps family that is here to lock up coverage of the upcoming high school wrestling season (and beyond) tighter than a crossface cradle.

Here is where you’ll find a wide range of wrestling-related content; from articles to videos, podcasts to features, we’ll deliver it all with the enthusiasm and diligence that this sport, this state, and these great athletes deserve.

What are our goals?

  1. Every boy and every girl who has ever strapped on a pair of wrestling shoes has a unique, inspirational story underneath that headgear. We want to tell those stories — or at least, as many of them as we can. We won’t’ get to all of them, but you can be certain that we’ll do our best. Colorado has risen to new heights on the national wrestling scene, and we want to help give the athletes that are representing on the local, national, and international levels the exposure they deserve.
  2. Provide the news and coverage you’d come to expect from a website that calls itself the premier source for wrestling in the state of Colorado. From real-time results from every tournament to housing Tim Yount’s On The Mat rankings, we’ll have it all.
  3. Petition to CHSAA to bring back the legendary Parade of Champions song for the state finals. You know the one. “Ba-bumbumbumb-ba-bumbum-ba-bumbumbumbum. BOW BOW.

Of course, we can’t accomplish anything without you. So here’s how you can help.  

  • Follow along with us on Twitter @COWrestlingNet. That’s where we’ll share all of our content, and some other fun stuff as well.
  • Keep an eye out here for fresh content weekly, starting with season previews in the next few weeks.
  • Know about a story you want to see told? A wrestler that you want to see featured? A match that you want to see highlighted? A photo you want posted? Let us know about it. I can be reached here: nick@cowrestlingnetwork.com.

It’s as simple as that, really. So let’s step to the line. Let’s shake hands. Let’s wrestle.

Nick Jurney
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Nick Jurney is a former wrestler and previously worked as a sports writer at the Pueblo Chieftain. He now works in marketing for Colorado State University in Fort Collins and helps run the Colorado Wrestling Network. You can follow him on Twitter @NVJurney.